Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy Halloween!
This year Hannah wanted to be a 50's girl and was super excited that she got to wear her costume to dance class.  Bailey was a pretty good Jazz fan....

 Halloween night we went trick or treating with Jammie, Ian, David and Grandma.  Ian was an army guy and David a troll.  Bailey was going to be a 50's girl as well until I remembered I bought her this costume last year so she was a cupcake.

Going to the first house

Can you see David poking out of the house?

We had good weather and we walked and walked.  Bailey rode her in stroller and would get out to go up to the houses and then run back to her stroller.  My mom walked away with the stroller one time and she was NOT happy.  Bailey loves her stroller more than any other kid I know.  They all had a good time and it was fun to have grandma join us this year.


  1. You have THE CUTEST little girls EVER!!

  2. Your girls are adorable!! Looks like they had a fun Halloween!